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About the Author

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David is an award winning author with multiple works of fiction to his credit. With the motto of “Fiction with a Message”, he uses his creativity and entwines a Christian-based emphasis within his story-lines.

 The origins of becoming a writer came at a very young age. I would lay awake at night imagining I was on all these incredible adventures. However, it wasn’t until much later in life that I thought of writing a book. One day my wife and I were watching TV and nothing good was on. I stood up and told her, “You know what? I think I’m going to write a book.” This is when I wrote my very first novel, The Mystery of Fuller Creek Mine.

Besides writing, I enjoys watching romantic comedy movies and spending time in the local mountains with my lovely wife, Linda.

Book Series Reviews

This book was one of the best I have read. It has action and adventure and I really like the characters. I have read other books that are kind of like this, but this one is so easy to read and follow. Once I started reading it was hard to put down.  

I loved this book!


I loved this book, it was a book that I could not put down and I loved the way it ended!!!

An Enjoyable Read For Husband and Wife VictorSK

I took this book on our family vacation to help pass time while traveling the open road. I enjoyed the book so much I started sharing some of the details with my wife while reading and she was driving. Soon a battle started over who was reading and who was driving because we both wanted to read the book!This was our first book by the author and could not have been happier, we highly recommend it!

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