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Other Books by David C. Reyes

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Richard Steele Private Eye

Behind the Steele Curtain


Private Eye Richard Steele is asked to go undercover as an inmate in a maximum-security prison known as “The Steel Curtain.” Meanwhile his assistant Kit, must take over an investigation by herself for the first time. As these two assignments begin to unfold, Steele must use his unique skills to find a way out of the impenetrable fortress of a prison, while making an enemy with one of Chicago’s biggest mobsters. Meanwhile, Kit’s investigation leads her down a twisting path that will bring about a life-changing revelation. One which could affect Steele for the rest of his life!


The Christmas I'll Never Forget

Young Luke desperately wants a horse to call his very own. But as his brother’s health steadily grows worse with an unknown illness, what their lives really need is a miracle. As he works for a local feed and boarding ranch, he soon forms a close bond with one of the horses. Will Luke finally receive the gift he so desperately wants, or will this be his brother’s last Christmas? As all these things culminate on Christmas day, Luke will learn a valuable lesson of God’s ultimate plan for their lives.

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Richard Steele - Private Eye

Solid Steele Alibi

For Richard Steele, being a private eye in 1947 started with a bang of interesting cases. However, things were now becoming stale. He needed something to rattle the cage of mediocrity and bring interest into his life. Enter Eve Hamilton. Blonde, beautiful, and the type of woman who could rattle any man’s cage. As Steele investigates Eve’s husband for a possible affair, the case takes a turn of an attempted murder. As the possible suspects emerge, the investigation escalates with twists at every corner. Steele had wanted more interest in his life; now he had just that, and a lot more!

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Cold Pizza

Liam is a handsome young man who has social anxiety disorder. Elizabeth, is a beautiful young woman who is a clinical psychologist. Unbeknownst to Liam of her occupation, the two are set up on a blind date. But when sparks fly and a relationship blooms, Elizabeth has a decision to make. Continue to help Liam under a shroud of secrecy? Or tell him the truth, and risk tearing their relationship apart.

The Plush Bear (1).jpg

The Plush Bear

Linda appears to have a steady handle on life. However, when she unexpectedly meets David, they set forth on a path to romance. David soon realizes she

has hurts in her past which is holding back her reluctant heart.

Will David find a way to prove he is trustworthy? Or will a little plush bear come into their lives, just when they need it the most.  

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